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We suggest ideas for according to what Roku customers activate Roku easily & how to enter Roku activation code with the help of website. Make us an immediate call to Roku helpline number we provide a high quality services.

1) The Solutions for Error Codes

Generally, clients come up with this kind of issues during the Roku code activation and enter Roku code. Do not take stress about that. Thus, now you can see the solution of all various types of Roku error code issues: Error Code 001

This error is based on the gap between router and Roku device.

If the problem still persists then go to Roku support. The Roku support will surely provide you the better solutions.


Rokucom link Error code 003 or 009

This error takes place when more than one device is connected to the router and Roku is not getting the required speed for doing its work. To overcome this error you must disconnect any one device. Error code 012

In case if the error code 012, ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly to your Roku device and the Router. If the cable is good you can try restarting the Roku device and the router.

Rokucom link Error Code 013

Reset your Router, try disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet cable for resolving the error code 013. Error Code 017

When your wireless signal strength is poor, your device will start receiving an error code 017 on the screen.

Rokucom link Error Code 011 or 014

This error may arise due to Wrong Password.

It basically related to Router Credentials as it must be correct. It indicates the Wrong W/L Password.

Error Codes like 14.40, 14.41, 14.50, 14.30 & 14.20strong

Resolving Error codes 14.40, 14.41, 14.50, 14.30, and 14.20 becomes simple by restarting your Roku device and the Router, Entering the correct username and the password for the wireless network.

If all else fails, please contact us Toll- free +1-844-335-1304. The experts sitting there will guide you properly and in a best possible way. You will definitely get positive replies from the expert team. Happy Streaming!

2) Steps to fix Internet Connection

  • a) Here are some of the quick and easy guidelines included, you can follow to troubleshoot issues with the internet connection on your Roku device.
  • b) By Start connecting your Roku device to the Internet in the same way as you connect your mobile device or Laptop.
  • c) Now choose the correct wireless network name and the password, try entering it carefully as the wireless network Passwords are always case sensitive.
  • d) After that, you can check the wireless network settings on your Roku device. Go to settings > Network > Check the connection. The settings can check your home network connection and also the wireless signal strength.
  • e) Check your Router and ensure that it is working properly. Connect any external devices to your network and start checking the network connection.
  • f) Restarting the Roku device and the Router can resolve most of the Error codes. Here is how you can perform a quick restart.

3) Steps to Resolve Roku Account

  • a) Firstly, open the URL from your computer.
  • b) Furthermore, your computer is connecting to an appropriate network connection.
  • c) On the website, you will see an empty field to enter the unique code.
  • d) Enter the unique code here and click on the submit button.
  • e) After this, login to your Roku account and activate your Roku.
  • f) If you want to add or install the channels then you have to go to “Roku Channel Store”.
  • g) Select the channel and click on the ‘OK” button.
  • h) Select the payment method from credit card and debit card.
  • i) Then after this process, your channel is automatically added to your Roku.
  • j) Now, you will be able to stream your Roku player.

4) Troubleshoot issues protocol:

  • Log onto to get the activation code.
  • 1. Error codes like 009, 003, 014, and 001 are likely to be the most common error which is displayed on your screen.
  • 2. Most of the error codes can be reduced by restarting the Roku device after checking the Router and external device connection on entering the case sensitive network name and the password.
  • 3. Roku device settings >> set up connections >> start following the onscreen connections.
  • 4. Error code 012 – improper connection of the Ethernet cable on your Roku device and the Router.
  • 5. Error code 009 – no active network connection.
  • 6. Error code 013 – reset your Router by disconnecting and reconnecting your Ethernet cable.
  • 7. Error code 017 – poor signal strength.
  • 8. Error codes 14.40, 14.41, 14.50, 14.30 and 14.20 can be resolved by restarting your Roku device and the Router, Entering the correct username and the password for the wireless network.
  • We are also ready to guide you 24/7 regarding your further issues on our toll free number +1 844 335 1304.

5) Activation is simple but sometimes error may occur due to

  • 1. Login related issues.
  • 2. Heat warning.
  • 3. Invalid code.
  • 4. Internet connection.
  • 5. Activation screen not appearing.
  • 6. Purple screen appearance.

6) Still inconvenience in solving issues?

  • 1. Help button >> get the new code >> When new code is displayed, return to and enter the new code.
  • 2. It may take few minutes for the result.

7) Features of Roku device:

  • 1. 5x more powerful HD streaming resolution.
  • 2. 4,000+ free and paid channels or app.
  • 3. A month free trail on specific channels.
  • 4. Short cut buttons for Roku channels such as Hulu, HBO GO or Netflix depending upon the Roku model.
  • 5. Remote control mobile app.
  • 6. Live TV Pause for Roku TV models
  • 7. Set the Screen saver from pictures from your mobile.
  • 8. Audio Guide will read out text, menus and other onscreen items.
  • 9. Closed captioning feature for hearing issue users.
  • 10. Private listening mode using headsets.
  • 11. Other features like gaming button, lost remote locator and voice search option.

If still, you are unable to solve your problems, call us at our Toll-free +1-844-335-1304 you can solve all the Roku and account problems at one place. We have got a team of highly professional experts who are adept and witty, so they can help you setup the device in right way.