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1) The Solutions for Error Codes

Usually, clients come up with various issues during the Roku activation code and entering the Roku code. Don’t worry about that. Now you can solve all types of Roku error cod issues: Error Code 001

This error is based on the void between the Roku device and router.

If this problem still remains, go to Roku support. The Roku support will give you the best solution.

Rokucom link Error code 003 or 009

This error may occur due to the multiple devices are connected to the router. Because of that, Roku didn’t get the required speed. To resolve this, you must disconnect one of the devices.


Rokucom link Error Code 011 or 014

This kind of error may take place due to the wrong password.

Basically, it is associated with router credentials, so it must be correct. Error code 012

Make sure that the Roku device and router is properly connected to the Ethernet cable. If the cable is in good condition, try rebooting the Roku device and the router.

Rokucom link Error Code 013

To resolve this error, try unplugging your Ethernet connection from the router and plugging back in.

Error Codes like 14.40, 14.41, 14.50, 14.30 & 14.20strong

This problem can be solved in two ways,

simply restart your router and the Roku device.

Entering the correct username and password of the wireless network.

If the above method fails, please contact us @ +1-844-335-1304 for instant assistance. Error Code 017

This error will arise due to the poor signal strength. To solve this check your wireless connection.

2) Procedure to fix the internet connection

  • a) This part is inclusive of some quick and simple guidelines to troubleshoot issues with the internet connection on your device.
  • b) By start linking your Roku device to the network in the same manner as you connect your laptop or smartphone.
  • c) Now pick the correct wireless network name and password, try to enter it carefully because they are case sensitive.
  • d) Later, you can check your Roku device’s wireless connection. Go to settings > network > check the connection. This can check your home network connection as well as the wireless signal strength.
  • e) Analyse your Router and make sure that it is working properly.
  • f) To resolve most of the errors can be fixed by restarting your router and the Roku device.
  • g) Here is how you can perform a quick restart,

3) Steps to create a Roku account

  • a) First, open the URL on your computer.
  • Moreover, your system is connecting to a suitable network connection.
  • One the webpage, you will see an empty field to fill up the unique activation code.
  • Enter the unique code there, and hit on the submit button.
  • Later this, sign-in to your Roku account and activate it.
  • You have to go to the channel store if you wish to add or install any channels.
  • Choose the channel and hit the “OK” button.
  • Select a credit card/debit card from the payment method.
  • After all, your channel is automatically included to your Roku.
  • Now, you can able to stream your Roku player.

4) Features of Roku device:

  • 1. 5 times more dynamic HD streaming
  • 2. 4000+ free and subscribed channels
  • 3. One month free trial on specific contents
  • 4. Shortcut buttons for some Roku channels like Hulu, HBO Go, and Netflix.
  • 5. Mobile app for remote control
  • 6. You can pause the Live TV in specific Roku TV models.
  • 7. Screensaver setting option is available
  • 8. The audio guide will read out the text and other contents on the screen
  • 9. Closed captioning feature for hearing issue users
  • 10. Private listing mode using headphones.

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