ROKU ISSUES is specially designed to support any problem related to setup, activating or connecting Roku. We give the best streaming assistance to the users and step by step guidance regarding many issues that users face with their Roku devices. Customers can call us at any time at +1-844-335-1304 as we are ready for 24/7 customer support.

Check out the 50 common Roku issues with Roku Activation Link Code

  • 1. Tech assistance to initiate Roku.
  • 2. Roku Activation screen does not show up.
  • 3. Unable to see the Roku link code.
  • 4. Support discovering Roku code and to set up Roku.
  • 5. Troubles in getting the proper Roku activation code
  • 6. is not working
  • 7. Help for Roku error code
  • 8. Assistance for Roku activation
  • 9. Not able to register the Roku account.
  • 10. Forgot the Roku account password and username.
  • 11. Troubles in connecting Roku to wireless.
  • 12. Issues with the remote.
  • 13. Problem with create an account
  • 14. Building up a new Roku player with LED, LCD or HD TV.
  • 15. Not able to install or uninstall some channels on Roku.
  • 16. Name and logo of your Roku are jumping on your screen.
  • 17. Troubles in connecting with the server.
  • 18. Not able to play games on Roku.
  • 19. Not able to play facebook.
  • 20. The purple screen has appeared when Roku is turned on.
  • 21. Netflix displaying a black screen.
  • 22. HDMI port is not supporting.
  • 23. Software related issues
  • 24. Audio related problems
  • 25. Invalid PIN number
  • 26. Web page not responding.
  • 27. Not able to differentiate between free and paid channels.

Reasons for errors:

Activating Roku is not a big deal, but sometimes errors may take place due to,

  • Login akin issues
  • The appearance of a purple screen
  • Overheat warning
  • Invalid activation code
  • Activation screen doesn’t show up

Still having difficulties in solving issues?

  • Click on the help button >> get the new code >> After got the new code, return back to and enter the new code.
  • It will take a few seconds to show the results.


If you find any of the above issues, just give a call to our toll-free number +1-844-335-1304 for guidance and technical assistance for Roku issues.