Are you a new Roku user, having doubts about setting up the Roku streaming stick? Nothing to worry, you have come to a perfect place. Here, you can get all the guidance for setting up your Roku streaming stick.

Roku Streaming stick will run for all television having an HDMI connection and directly connects to the TV’s HDMI port. In case, your Roku streaming stick will not suit for your TV’s HDMI port then you have to get an HDMI extender cable.

Steps involved in setting up Your Roku Streaming Stick

Get connected

First, find the HDMI port and fix the Roku streaming stick into it. If your streaming stick cannot fit in your TV due to space restriction, you may get a free HDMI extender cable. Look for the button source or input in your remote and select the same HDMI port, you used for the Roku streaming stick. Nothing will show on the screen unless you power up the device


Now let’s power up your streaming stick and remote!

First, connect the one end of the USB cable with the Roku streaming stick and another end to the USB port of the TV or preferably to the power adaptor of the wall outlet. After a few seconds, the Roku logo will show up on your TV.

Select the language

After the let’s started screen your remote will connect automatically and let you pick the language. Scroll down and press the OK button to choose the language. All the contents of the Roku application will appear in the chosen language.

Connect to the network

Select your wireless network from the ballot of existing network and enter your password. Make sure that you have selected the same network as your computer and Smartphone uses. If you don’t see your network, select scan again to see all the available networks.
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Software update

When you’re connected to your network your Roku will automatically download the latest version.

Set up display

Once the update completes, you've directed to set up the display. Press OK on the remote, your Roku will automatically fetch the best resolution for you. If you want to change the settings in the later, move to Settings  display type

Check Remote settings

Let’s set up your Roku remote to control the volume and power of the TV. Select check remote settings and set your preferences. Account – Creation and Activation

After setting up your remote you will able to see the activation screen. In a browser search for and enter your activation code shown on your TV. If you don't have a account create it now. If you face any troubles while activating account, just give a call to us @ +1-844-335-1304.

Ready to Stream

Once you completed all the procedures, your Roku will be all set to use.

For more guidance, get in touch with us through a call at our toll-free number +1-844-335-1304 for personalized guidance and information. Our techie's team will always there for you to assist. problems in connecting internet

Nowadays, there are plenty of products accessible in the market that can connect web to your smart TV viewing and music streaming expertise.

Roku devices are some of the famous streaming appliances that can be simply plugged into the backside of your smart TV with is connected to your local network and allows you to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Spectrum TV, Amazon Prime and etc. by setting up the Roku device you can stream multiple media such as shows, films, and also music from the web to your TV. To set up the Roku device, all you need is to create a account.

For more information about account creation, feel free to contact us through a call to our toll-free number +1-844-335-1304.

If you’re an existing Roku user, facing troubles such as Roku not connecting to the internet or not able to change the Wi-Fi password and some more. In this scenario, you must troubleshoot your device or the problems.

The following reasons can cause problems in your Roku device. They are,

  • Your home network is out of range from Roku or having low signal.
  • You have entered the wrong credentials or chose the wrong Wi-Fi network.
  • You may have an old router.

Here are some techniques to solve the issues

Modernize your Router’s software

When all other devices are working smoothly and you’re still facing the problem means, you have to renew the Router’s software. You can get the latest version from the Roku’s official website. If you still have confusion, then you can call us at our toll-free number +1-844-335-1304.

Reform your Roku Device

The further step to solve your problem is to reform your device. Follow the below steps to reset your device.

  • Goto -> settings -> System
  • Now hit on “system restart” and disconnect your device from the power supply and plug it in back.

Modify “Domain Name System” setting

After resetting, your device is still not connecting to the internet then you have ensured that your router’s DNS setting are exactly fixed to an external IP address. To do this, you demand to get ingress to your router setting and change the DNS setting to “automatic”. This will empower your Roku Wi-Fi network to give an automatic IP address without worrying about the DNS setting.

Upgrade firmware on your Device

If you're still experiencing troubles in connecting Roku device to the web, then you might have an outdated Roku device. Go to Roku device application and navigate to firmware update and update your Roku device. If you want help to perform this, feel free to call us at our toll-free +1-844-335-1304.

We expect that the above steps aided you to resolve your queries. If you still have any problem or doubt, contact us through a call to our toll-free number +1-844-335-1304.


Add Amazon video to your account

Amazon Prime video gives you a bundle of programs to watch. Prime members can watch thousands of famous shows and films at a no-extra fee, inclusive of award-winning prime originals. Now enjoy Prime videos on your Roku player.

Steps to add Prime video to your account:

  • Firstly, go to the channel store, which is available on the Home screen.
  • Move into the Movies & TV section and click on Amazon instant video.
  • Click on the add channel, now it will be available on my channels.
  • Open the Amazon instant video app and sign in.
  • Enter the login credentials of your Amazon account. If you don’t have one create it on
  • To register on your account, select get started with Roku.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select continue
  • Enter your Amazon email address and password
  • Follow the remaining onscreen instruction and hit ok. Now you’re registered.

For more assistance kindly reach out to us through a call at our toll-free number +1-844-335-1304 for personalized guidance and information. Our network support team will always be there for you to assist.