Roku is the most cost effective streaming player is completely easy to install, fix and activate as well. All you need is to create a Roku account activation using code. It is the best streaming device which offers high quality and both paid & free channels. To enjoy streaming the device, all you need is to have a Roku account and an uninterrupted internet connection.

Roku aims at giving best class entertainment & has become a favorite device of the people who love & live. Your Roku Account will take you to a tour of entertainment like never before. At rare point, people face some kind of issues while activating Account. Don’t be panic, just gives us a call at Toll-free +1-844-335-1304.

Why Roku is great for streaming?

Roku takes content from the internet allows enjoying more than 4000 apps and games and other channels on this amazing device. Roku both free and paid channels. This small device is having big functionalities and vast features. Roku include services such as PBS, TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies, WWE Network, HBO Go, Hasbro Studios, The Blaze, BBC i Player, Disney and more.

You may use the HDMI cable, audio cable and video cable in order to connect the Roku Device with Television. You may wish to watch the videos in High Quality (HQ) video which is the most popular and advanced technology in the market.

Do you face any Issues while activating Roku with

You’ve come to the right place; we offer conscientious service to customer who has the Roku player on a routine basis. We've a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals who deal with a variety of issues that befall Roku player.

You can get our support and help for setup and installation of all kind of Roku models also issues like configuration, troubleshooting, difficulties in getting unique activation code, roku set up, error issues and not working; our expert technicians have solution for every problem.

Log onto to get the activation code.
  • 1. Error codes like 009, 003, 014, and 001 are likely to be the most common error which is displayed on your screen.
  • 2. Most of the error codes can be reduced by restarting the Roku device after checking the Router and external device connection on entering the case sensitive network name and the password.
  • 3. Roku device settings >> set up connections >> start following the onscreen connections.
  • 4. Error code 012 – improper connection of the Ethernet cable on your Roku device and the Router.
  • 5. Error code 009 – no active network connection.
  • 6. Error code 013 – reset your Router by disconnecting and reconnecting your Ethernet cable.
  • 7. Error code 017 – poor signal strength.
  • 8. Error codes 14.40, 14.41, 14.50, 14.30 and 14.20 can be resolved by restarting your Roku device and the Router, Entering the correct username and the password for the wireless network.

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