This site’s services are conveyed on a condition of art unified delivery stage that let us support your system(s) casually. In a case for any reason you’re not satisfied with the service, we’ll make effort to solve the issue. Still, you’re are not wholly satisfied with the same, we offer a money back policy as follows:

For the subscription-based plan, the money back offer is valid only for 30days from the date of purchase. If one or more issues resolved, the subscription cost will not be refundable. By admitting to a refund of subscription after deducting charges for servicing the user.

For our incidental (one-time use) Plans, The money-back guarantee is valid for 7 days, beginning at the time of the 1st incident.

This money back policy does not apply to our trial offer.

Services against any planned orders will be available, only after you have made the payment for services according to the necessity of the equivalent order. We have no obligation to render services under any service plan if the payments as required under any planned order have not been made.